Department :: Wasco County Surveyor

On-line Documents

This site consists of one web mapping application and one extensive set of scanned documents.

Mapping Application

The map contains survey annotations that a Surveyor will be able use to find documents in their geographical area of interest. In the map, open the table of contents (button in the upper right) then toggle on "Township and Range" and "Surveys". Check the box(es) for all the information you want to see. Zoom to your area of interest and see what documents are available.

The link to the web map is on the GIS homepage.

Scanned Documents
After determining the document(s) needed visit our site (link below) and view or download the scanned image(s). The images are organized in a number of directories which should be reasonably clear to the surveying community. Instructions are included as to how to best access the documents.

The map and documents are updated whenever possible. There is no guarantee it is completely current, complete, or error free. The County has absolutely no liability for the use or misuse of anything on this site. We do appreciate knowing about any errors that are found. It is wise for all surveyors to visit the County Surveyor's office, in person, when researching any particular project.

3/17/2015: We have a new storage location, no more usernames and passwords to remember.

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