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Marriage Licenses

A marriage license may be obtained at our office from 9:00-11:30 a.m. and 1:00-3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please allow 20 minutes to complete the application process.

Both parties must appear in person. We do not issue marriage licenses through the mail.

Official photo ID showing date of birth is required.

The Marriage License Application and Record of Marriage form requires both bride and groom to establish the legal names each will take after their marriage ceremony. There are certain combinations of legal names that can be taken through this process. See this PDF document for additional information on Legal Names that can be taken.

The fee is $50.00 payable by CASH or Money Order.

Legal age for marriage in the State of Oregon for both bride and groom is eighteen (18) years. A seventeen (17) year old can obtain a license if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who will sign a consent form.

There is a three (3) day waiting period before a license may be used and it is valid for sixty (60) days after the effective date.

A license may be obtained in any county in Oregon and can be used only in the State of Oregon.

There are no medical examinations or blood tests required.

Oregon State Law does not allow a marriage license to be issued to first cousins or nearer kin.

Once the marriage has taken place, the officiant must return the completed marriage license to this office. An official certified copy of the license can be obtained from the County Clerk for $7.75. The certified copy is the legal copy to be used by the bride to change her name on driver's license and social security card etc.

Click here to open Marriage License Worksheet. This worksheet can be completed and brought into our office to help expedite the licensing process.